As the inventor of the highly demanded product for twins - Table for Two, a mom of 3 kids, a college degree in fashion, a lover of all fashion (especially handbags!), and a husband that thinks its a little absurd to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a diaper bag that is only used for a short time, I went on a mission to create the perfect high quality stylish mom bag at an affordable price. One that looks and feels like a designer bag on the outside but has everything us moms need on the inside! I was tired of constantly switching back and forth from my bulky diaper bag with bottle holders and tons of pockets on the outside to my "go out in public" designer bag. So Bagging Rights, TOTE-ALLY! was born and I never had to switch again. I hope you love your bag as much as I do. Enjoy your Bagging Rights, you deserve it!