Hi! My name is Lindsey and I’m the creator and founder of Bagging Rights.

As a mom of three kids with a degree in Fashion, I originally set out to create the perfect ‘Mom Bag’ that merged style, quality and functionality without the hefty price tag. I thought it was silly to spend so much on a traditional diaper bag that was only used for a short time, and made it my mission to create something for moms like myself who were looking for a better solution! 

I took my experience in retail as the inventor of the highly demanded product for twins - Table for Two – and set out to design another product to make life easier for moms and caregivers. It had to be well-organized, large enough to carry everything a little one needed, and most importantly- stylish enough to use during the baby phase and for years to come! That’s when the TOTE-ALLY bag was born! The high-quality tote looked and felt like a designer bag on the outside with all the ease, comfort and organization of a mom bag on the inside. This was the solution I was searching for! Even though I made this style with mamas in mind, it wasn’t long before customers started sharing how perfect this bag was for everyone! From teachers to personal trainers to students to travelers and more, the durable construction and well-organized interior made it the ideal bag for anything life can throw your way.

My passion for creating the perfect accessory only grew from there. Since our launch in 2019, we have added multiple bag styles and other accessories to our collection! I am now motivated by creating luxurious yet accessible designer items to add to your closet as the finishing touch to your favorite looks.

Thank you so much for your support and being a part of our #baggingrightsbabe family!